Olga Fedotova

Olga Fedotova

Olga Fedotova is a designer and artist from Montenegro

Since 2007 lives and works in Budva, Montenegro

Born in 1972 in Russia

1995 graduated philology at the Moscow State Pedagogical University, Russia

2007 graduated psychology at the Moscow State University on the theme “Development of creative abilities of preschool and early school age”

Since 2007 lives and works in Budva, Montenegro

2009 — 2012 Study the basics of working with metals and goldsmith at the private masters in Belgrade, Serbija

Mastered the skill of working with polymer clay and other materials for jewelry making in Russia

2011-2013 received international certification of instructors Art Silver Clay, Ljubljana, Slovenija

2010 owner in “Abeceda Kreativnosti”

— author of the jewelry collections: “Balkan Gardens”, Olga’s Little houses”, “Silver grape”, “Wayang”, “Fruit Drops” and “Ice tree’

— guide certificated and creative courses Art Silver Clay

— guide creative workshops of jewelry design for adults, a combination of techniques and styles in jewelry

The Doctrine gallery presents CREAT:TIVO trademark and its designer Olga Fedotova with her collections “Fruit Drops” and “Ice tree” in Fall/Winter season 2017/18. Olga is a designer from Montenegro. Designs refer to the ideas of Malevich’s suprematism and Mondrian’s neoplasticism. The designer depicts the artist’s inner world through simple forms. She has found a simple modern material — resin, which is on one hand easy to process and on the other is rather firm. The jewelry basis are black and white colors. That gives the maximal contrast, but it is not given as shine and freeze but as soft textured elements that makes warm from cold and alive from dead. A little bit of gold, of bright colors and of glazed surface creates a certain move and a sense of space. Changes of color and texture when changing the perspective of jewelry on body underlines the uncertainty of world and gives a possibility to concentrate on your individuality.